Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Somebody to Lean On

Greetings, Pisans! Today's quick video jaunt is bringing us all the way to the often under-appreciated Tuscan city of Pisa.

She's truly a stunning site...especially from this angle.

It's worth a trip for many reasons outside of it's most famous leaning bell tower, and I intend to give it a full "Top Seven Tips" blog post in the very near future; but, today, I join the ranks of all other fanny-pack wearing tourists and skip to the goods.

Any building that elicits THIS reaction from people is worth the trip!

So, here she is, in her holiDAYtrips cinematic debut...and I bet you'll learn a thing or two that you didn't know before watching:

I'm sure I'll be eating gelato until we meet again,


The “Packing List”

This week, we were rocking the following:


  1. This one is still on my list...thanks for sharing Ilana :)

    1. You got it, Derek! I'm really looking forward to our full blog on Pisa (coming soon). Folks should really know about how beautiful the Arno River is and how excellent the surrounding areas can be for sight-seeing. The bell tower is amazing, yes, but there's A LOT more to Pisa.